Product Information

Most of our products are manufactured for Original Equipment Manufacturer and manufactured to satisfy client’s demands. Although client’s demands have many varieties form existing chemical substances to new substances without the methods of making, we try to satisfy client’s demands with sticking to the high quality. We are proud to manufacture products with the Japanese Quality that is unprecedented in the other world.

Uses of our products

Uses of our products 1.For electronics・・・materials for liquid crystal, semiconductor and so on

2.For plastics・・・materials for automobiles, electric appliances and so on

3.For drugs・・・materials for drugs, intermediates and so on
4.For agriculture・・・materials for agricultural chemicals, intermediates and so on

5.For cosmetics・・・ materials for cosmetics and so on

6.For paints・・・materials for pigments and intermediates and so on

Flow of Original Equipment Manufacturer

flow sheet of Original Equipment Manufacturer

After-sales service


We don’t think that we are okay only to manufacture products according to client’s requires and qualities. We are happy to be ordered by you. So, we suggest to you data and ideas for lowered cost and more efficient production after examination.
We believe that after-sales service of original equipment manufacturer for chemical ought to be this way, and that is one of our policies of original equipment manufacturer.

Products List

・UKIMA Original Products

・UKIMA Chemical substances created and identified by The new technology of New Amidation

Research & Development

1.The New technology of amidation and esterification

Now, we are sure to be able to create or manufacture several chemical substances than ever. If we accomplish this technology, we will be able to supply amide substrate, peptide, esterified substances, and so on that are higher-qualified, purer and at lower cost than ever.

To solve those problems, we have done many researches and developments.
And we recently discovered new technology of amidation and esterification.
With using these technologies, we can supply amide substrate, peptide, esterified substances, at lower cost than ever.

We are doing researches and developments of this method and we are creating amide substrate, peptide, esterified substances more and more with using this method. We believe that these products are used for material of foods, drugs and cosmetics and so on in the near future.

・UKIMA Chemical substances created and identified by The New technology of New Amidation


2.The Creation of medicine as Hydrolytic Enzyme Inhibitors

We tried to develop the creation of medicine as Hydrolytic Enzyme Inhibitors in the business formation intellectual cluster by Fukushima prefecture from 2002 to 2004. We conducted in collaboration with Masanori Yamaura, the professor of Iwaki Meisei University ( at that time science and technology Faculty of Department of environmental )and were able to establish a solid selective synthetic method of pyrrolidine derivatives.

・The Creation of medicine as Hydrolytic Enzyme Inhibitors

3.The Development of paints with adsorbing odor and adjusting moisture

As you make your everyday life more comfortably,more economically and environmentally friendly, we tried to develop paint coating with using extremely micro-powder charcoal. Using function of charcoal that absorb moisture and adjust temperature with releasing moisture and that absorb chemical substance and odor, we developed paints that clear air with keeping moisture comfortable. This item was used by local welfare facilities for the elderly.

・The Development of paint coating with adsorbing odor and adjusting moisture