Charcoal from natural materials CHARCOAL YOU

"CHARCOAL YOU" have following effects.

Charcoal has the capacity of adsorption of moisture and control humidity. As the “CHARCOAL YOU” are made of micro powder of charcoal, it adds to the function of control humidity. It prevents your house from being condensation and rotting, and extends the life of your house.

The “CHARCOAL YOU” absorbs chemical substances and odor, and get air to be clean .Especially, it absorbs carcinogenic substances used for building materials, paints and absorbs carcinogenic substances as cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, house dust and so on. The “CHARCOAL YOU” prevents you from having hypersensitivity to chemical substances and sick building syndrome allergic diseases

The “CHARCOAL YOU” has the great thing about breathability and adhesion, and it can select all the affinity for materials for papers, clothes, steels, concretes and so forth, so that you can paint the foundation of a building, floors, walls and ceilings and so on. Toxic substances for human do not occur, when you dispose of it.

Construction Example using ”CHARCOAL YOU”

If your residential space is larger, you may paint whole of walls and ceilings.