Peculiar Technology & Multi Purpose Production Facilities
Covering Most Chemical Reaction

Halogenation, Acid chloride reaction, Amidation, Esterification - We specialized!!

To go green and preserve the environment, with using a waste – gas – treatment facilities, we mainly conduct Iodination, bromination, acid clolid reaction, and so on.

And now, we’ve been trying to research New Amidation and new Esterification and to generate new chemical substances at lower cost than ever.

Invitation of UKIMA Chemical Co.,ltd

Since the foundation of UKIMA, 1945, we have specialized in organic synthesis and tried to research and to develop new products and new technology of chemical reaction for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronics, pigments, agricultural chemicals, and so forth.

With our technology covering most chemical reaction, with our knowledge of chemical reaction created in the half of a century and with our production facilities covering most chemical reaction, we try to react immediately to your requests and to deliver high qualified products.


Our Production Facilities

We specialized in peculiar organic reactions in generating intermediate and other chemical substances.

All our Production Facilities are multi purpose and applied to many organic chemical reactions.

Glass lined reactors


Stainless steel reactors




Industrial dryers


Our Place of Business

We are based in Iwaki City Fukushima prefecture and have one branch office in Tokyo.

Head Office/Onahama Factory

1-134,Shimogawa Aza Ohtsurugi,Izumi- machi, Iwaki-shi,Fukushima -ken(prefecture),971-8183,Japan

Tokyo branch office

6F,Suzuno Bld.,11,Kandakonyacho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo -To(prefecture),101-0035,Japan