Most of our products are manufactured for Original Equipment Manufacturer to meet client’s demands. Although client’s demands have many varieties form existing chemical substances to new substances without the methods of making, we try to satisfy client’s needs with sticking to the high quality. We are proud to manufacture products with the Japanese Quality that is unprecedented in other countries.

  1. For electronics・・・materials for liquid crystal, semiconductor and so on
  2. For resins・・・materials for automobiles, electric appliances and so on
  3. For pharmaceuticals・・・materials for drugs, intermediates and so on
  4. For cosmetics・・・ materials for cosmetics and so on
  5. For paints・・・materials for pigments and intermediates and so on

After-Sales Service

We are not only satisfied to manufacture products according to client’s requires and qualities but also have to suggest to you data and ideas for cost reduction and more efficient production after examination.

We believe that after-sales service of original equipment manufacturer for chemical ought to be as above and that is one of our policies of original equipment manufacturer.

Halogenation, Acid chloride reaction, Amidation, Esterification - We specialized!!

To go green and preserve the environment, with using a waste – gas – treatment facilities, we mainly conduct Iodination, bromination, acid clolid reaction, and so on.

And now, we’ve been trying to research New Amidation and new Esterification and to generate new chemical substances at lower cost than ever.