Quality Policies/Environmental Policies

Quality Policies

We, Ukima Chemical, in order to achieve our management concept and management policies, try to manufacture products adapted for demands by clients in accordance with laws, regulations and so on. In other hands, we should get our process to be economical. And we should continue to improve our process and to satisfy client’s demands.

To fulfill the quality specified by clients
To fulfill the delivery deadline specified by clients

Environmental Policies

As we manufacture and sell our chemical products, we recognize the importance of the problem of our environment and the role of keeping the conservation of our environment as a company, and we try to prevent the earth from being polluted according to following policies.

to comply with laws, regulations, agreements and required matters agreed between our company and our local community.
To try to manage strictly chemical substances and to do production activities with considering improvements and the conservation of the environment.
To try to act with keeping conservation of the environment within our technical and economical capacity and to review our action regularly.